About Us

We are three friends who met in Dallas during our freshman year at Southern Methodist University. What quickly bonded us was our shared love for memorable experiences. Whether it is dinners out to celebrate each others birthdays at our favorite soufflé restaurant, fabulous ski trips that give us stories we will never forget or even those midnight trips to satisfy our In-N-Out cravings down central expressway, we three cherish these moments that you should never forget, no matter how big or small.

Since now more then ever, people are encouraged to spend time socializing outdoors, we set out to make that happen as safely as possible. We three looked back at all our most delightful picnic experiences. Memories of picnic spreads arranged for Mother's Day gatherings in the backyards of our childhood homes, picnics with treats from Harrods in the Kensington palace gardens, or picnics spent between the Tuileries in the heart of Paris were what flooded to mind. We knew that we needed to bring a culmination of our best picnics straight to Dallas. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, so we know that our picnics need to be too.  

Rosedale Picnic Company has been created in hopes that no matter what you are wishing to remember, we can help make that happen in the most lovely, relaxing and enjoyable way possible. 

University Building