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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is food provided? 

Yes! We use Boxed Bites Dallas at every picnic. You are welcome to bring more food to accompany the charcuterie. We do not provide any serving platters beyond the box which holds the charcuterie.    

2. What is your rainy day policy? 

We will reach out as early as 24 hours in advance if rain is predicted. You will be able to reschedule at no charge. 

3. What is the cancellation policy? 

We need to be alerted 48 hours in advanced if you want to cancel your picnic. If alerted within the 48 hour window, cancellation fees will apply.  


4. How long are the picnic time slots? 

2 hours long. 


5. Who do you recommend for food? 

Boxed Bites Dallas and J.D's cookies! 


6. Where are your picnics? 

Wherever you want! We typically recommend at the comfort of your home in your own backyard but are thrilled to work with you to find a park that suits your needs. 

7. What is your location radius?  

We only stay within 5 miles of the SMU campus around the Park Cities and Preston Hollow. If you live outside this radius, we can send over a list of parks which are perfect for picnics. 

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